Sports Medicine

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PT Pros will help keep you and your team in the game and off the bench. Whether you participate at the high school, college, or community level, we offer comprehensive sports-related programs for our patients. Our services include pre-season musculoskeletal screenings and sports enhancement, evaluation and treatment of sports-related injuries, and assistance to coaches and players, on and off the field. 

Success in any sport requires power, speed, strength, endurance, and core stability. Our Sports Enhancement Program (SEP) is designed to help athletes improve each of these aspects. The SEP offers a program for all individuals — every gender, age, and skill level — who want to improve their athletic performance.

Through the SEP, we will help you reach your goals with leading-edge techniques in a compassionate and supportive setting. Our clinicians will start by assessing athletic performance to identify weaknesses so that we can focus on fine-tuning your strengths. Then, we will build a program to enhance flexibility, linear/lateral speed, multi-directional movement and agility, functional strength, and core stability.

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